At the ongoing Comic-Con that’s taking place in San Diego as we speak, developer Rare announced a Nintendo DS version of their kiddy game, Viva Pinata. Even though the game was critically acclaimed, it did not achieve commercial success but that hasn’t deterred Rare as they’ve gone ahead and announced a PC port, an Xbox 360 expansion and the DS version. In case you have no clue as to what the game’s about, here’s a slight heads up:
Designed together with the "Viva Pinata" Saturday morning 3-D animated TV series, Viva Pinata is a customizable, social and spontaneous game that invites players of all ages and skills to explore an immersive world where they are challenged to create and maintain a living garden ecosystem that grows in realtime.
Beginning with a few basic tools, players build and take control of their environment to attract and host more than 60 species of wild piñata, utilizing hundreds of customizable elements to create their very own, distinctively unique, thriving paradise.