It seems PC owners will finally have the last laugh as far as Gears of War is concerned because all the exclusive stuff like bonus missions, big ass boss fight, map editor, new multiplayer modes etc. that’s shipping with the PC version of the game will not be available on the Xbox 360. And if you think we’re pulling a fast one on ya, here’s the harsh truth straight from Rod Fergusson who by the way is the producer for the PC version of Gears:
"There is no plan to provide the PC exclusive content to Xbox 360 gamers for a number of technical reasons. One is simply the size and scope of the new content which would be difficult to deliver as an update. But more importantly, Gears of War for Windows was not created with the same version of Unreal Engine 3 as Gears of War for 360. We wanted to take advantage of all the latest and greatest optimizations and features that are constantly being added to UE3 and as such, this new content is not easily compatible with the Xbox 360 version."