A new patch for Supreme Commander is out, that’ll update the real-time strategy game to version 1.1.3260. Apart from the bug fixes (that are mentioned below), there’ll be three new units to play around with, one for each faction, namely the UEF T2 Bomber, Aeon Guided Missile and the Cybran T2 Bomber.
Requirements : Win (All)
License : Freeware
ile size : 0MB

Patch Notes:
New units

- UEF T2 Bomber
Aeon Guided Missile
- Cybran T2 Bomber
Bug fixes and other changes:
- F
ixed an issue with Ferry Beacon guarding
- Visual tweaks to UEF shield effect
- Horde AI will now utilize T3 land units
- Performance improved when showing waypoint lines
- Fixed crash bug associated with air units refueling/repairing on air staging platforms
- Air superiority has been retuned across all three factions.